Food Water Activity & Drying Technology – Course content

Program details may be subject to change

Day 1

Water Activity in Foods

Water activity: Basic concepts & sorption/desorption isotherms

Water activity and microbial stability

Water activity and chemical stability

Sorption-desorption isotherms and prediction models (measurements, properties, uses)

Water Activity and shelf life (moisture migration through packaging materials)

Methods of measuring water activity/moisture content

Demonstration: practical use of water activity information (water analyser software)

 Day 2

Food Drying Technology

Basic drying theory

Drying systems used in the food industry

Principles of psychrometrics, Tracing a drying process on a psychrometric chart

Principles of mass and energy balances as applied to drying processes

Monitoring/evaluating drying processes – belt and rotary drying examples

Design and specification of drying systems

Improving efficiency of established drying processes

Freeze drying (optional)

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