Extruder Operator Training

This course is normally run for companies at their premises, though other pilot plant facilities can be utilised if required. The course is customised according to company requirements, normally running for one or two days depending on content and degree of practical work included.

The basic aim is to help operators to understand what is happening in the extrusion process, helping them to understand what they observe in practice, and so enhancing their capability to make positive adjustments when necessary. The training is also of value to other staff who need a greater practical understanding of extrusion (eg supervisors, R&D personnel).

The training utilises industry personnel who are highly experienced in extrusion processing as presenters.

Topics covered can include:

  • Overview of the extrusion process
  • Principles of extruder configuration
  • Role of rheology in extrusion
  • Raw materials pre-processing
  • Role of the preconditioner
  • Product texture development
  • Mixing phenomena in extruders
  • Post-processing: Fundamentals of drying
  • Post processing: Dryers and coaters
  • Screw, barrel, and die-plate wear, extruder maintenance
  • Die types & effects
  • Die design
  • Causes and effects of extruder instability, process trouble shooting
  • Scale-up and process transfer

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