Drying Technology

FoodStream has extensive experience in a wide range of drying technologies used in the food and agricultural industries, including:

  • Conventional heated air dryers, heat pump dryers, microwave drying and, to a lesser extent, freeze drying.
  • Fluidised bed, belt, trolley, and batch (from small pilot scale to large silo) drying systems

We can provide advice on improving current systems, or specify, design, and/or build and supply specialised dryers.  Our experience covers such areas as:

  • Heat pump dehumidifer and tradional heated-air systems
  • Design of a bulk drying system for peanuts
  • Design/development of a fluid bed dryer for tea processing (click for more infomation)
  • Advising on improvements to a continuous pet food dryer
  • Design of a drying/storage system for macadamia nuts
  • Technical adviser to a joint venture project on drying of molasses (utilising microwave technology)
  • Drying and heat preservation trials for mango products
  • Drying and preservation of semi-dried tomatoes
  • Drying of macadamia nuts
  • Design and manufacture of a large scale belt dryer for a vegetable product – installed in the first half of 2013, design throughput 700 kg/hr, with a design residence time of 18 hours.

We also offer training in food water activity and drying technology.

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