New Approaches to Training

A number of business and industry groups and the education and training system are taking a number of new approaches on training which may well open up opportunities for more targeted training for individual companies.    FoodStream is happy to assist companies work through the training maze to find the right training for your company.

·        The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a set of recommendations on improving apprenticeships and traineeships, called ‘Learning to Work’.   Such a scheme, if adopted, may provide opportunities for companies.  See

·        The Business Council of Australia has signed a joint statement of intent with Universities Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Collaborative Education Network to improve work-integrated learning. The aim is to improve the scale and value of work-integrated learning so that Australia can better meet the challenges and opportunities facing our economy and society.  See

·        TAFE Qld is now a Statutory Authority, which means it is not formally part of the public service and should have more flexibility to run tailored courses to meet specific needs.   See  

·        The University of Qld is developing a new PhD program with support from the Australian Food and Grocery Council to work on more complex issues of interest to individual companies.  See

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