Innovation Optimisers – Outsourced Innovation Team

Instilling a Thirst for Innovation in Businesses!

 Why do we exist?

The challenging environment

  •  Competitive global marketplace
  • Increased competitive markets driving down margins – aggressive retail channels

The corresponding impact on businesses – down-sizing, stripping out of skilled experts

  • Costs have been ‘cut to the bone’ – every ounce of efficiency extracted

The need for Innovation has never been stronger – So Foodstream combined its resources with that from Marketing on Demand to create Innovation Optimisers which is able to provide:

Strategic Innovation that:

  • Is Disruptive – Intentional
  • Is Faster & more Effective
  • Provides a Competitive Advantage
  • Creates Sustainable Innovation
  • Defends, Recharges Key Brands and provides Profitable Growth

Innovation that moves into ‘White Spaces’

  • To places where there is no competition – new categories – new geographies ….
  • To new markets or gaps in existing markets
  • To grab market opportunities that can only be targeted by using a different business model

Innovation & its Systematic Management… to:

  • Even out the ‘slumps and surges’ by providing a continuous stream of ideas for the Innovation Pipeline


 IO’s Expert Talent Pool – “a 40+ strong Virtual Team” provides

  • Optimised ROI – a project specific resource – ‘no down-time’
  • An Immediate Step-Change in Innovation Capability

IO’s Innovation Expertise can be leveraged as follows:

              Innovation of Products, Systems and Processes

Click on the following link to go to our website and see how to ‘Crack the Innovation Code’ to not only Survive but to Grow!!





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