FoodStream Engineering: Equipment Selection and Design, Systems Integration

We have extensive experience at specifying and selecting appropriate equipment for food processing.  Where “off-the-shelf” equipment is not available/suitable, custom design and fabrication can be the most appropriate way forward.

The Engineering Team at Foodstream have been designing and building Food Processing Equipment for over twenty years. The latest Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Simulation and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) methods are utilised to produce very high quality solutions to processing needs.

Some of the typical equipment and systems are shown following:

Mango Peeler – Benchtop, FoodStream Model TFR342 Mango Peeler, Slicer, Cupper

See video HERE

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Carton and tub feeding, orienting, scanning, weighing, aligning, print and apply labelling, sorting. Complete with safety light curtain and guarding system




Juice collection, diatomaceous earth conveying and dosing, mixing, filtering, sampling system




Vibratory Equipment

Scraped Surface Cooler/Mixer

Jacketed pressure Vessel Design



Fluid bed dryer, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (SFD) software to design for even air flow using a fraction of the fan power.  Supported by Qld Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund – Download FACT SHEET

Process Factory 3D layout


Packaging & tooling design


Complex Systems Design & Manufacture


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