Extrusion Technology

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Two Forms of  Professional Extrusion Training :

(i) Our “Food and Feed Extrusion Technology” course has been offered for many years, in Australia, Thailand, and New Zealand. This course covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes, and the formulation of extruded products. While based on a “lecture format”, the course is very practically oriented, and includes a practical demonstration of the principles learned. Click here for typical course program.

(ii) Our “Applied Food & Feed Extrusion” program is very applied in nature, being based on introductory sessions to cover relevant extrusion theory, followed by a series of “workshop type” sessions, where a product/process is designed, then the product is made in the pilot plant. The planned program, over three days, includes the manufacture of five different products, on three types of extruder.  The products are selected to demonstrate the principles and issues involved across the range of types of extruded products.This program is held in Thailand at the Institute of Food Research & Product Development, Kasetsart University, where the required pilot plant facilities are available.  Click here for typical course program.

Both programs are relevant to the production of all types of extruded products – including expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pastas and third generation snack pellets, pet foods and aquafeeds.

This training is also available to companies to be conducted on-site and tailored to the specific requirements of the company.

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