Seizing the Opportunity!

Why buying Australian made just became important!

Clearing there remains huge opportunities to drive and launch Innovation into Asian countries.  The recent contaminated Berry products out of China, not only hopefully signals the beginning of Australians starting to value their local manufactured products as being more valuable, and thus increased sales in this area, but also that there remains a window of opportunity to launch and sell a significant range of products into these Asian markets, where safety & hygiene standards mean the creation of sub-standard products for people residing in those countries.  Perception is reality.  So long as the relatively wealthy population of those countries perceive that products coming from Australia and NZ come with a guarantee of superior quality – they will be prepared to pay a premium for those products.  A huge opportunity for companies with the capability of delivering to this need, now.  Call Innovation Optimisers on0424 110 137 if you’d like to know how you can expedite your efforts to capitalise on this large market.

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