Profile: Marie Lewis

Food Technologist specialising in food standards and labelling

With Marie Lewis, food processing is “hereditary” – her parents are pioneers of banana drying in north Qld, and her grandparents ran a patisserie in theNetherlands.  So Marie is very familiar with the issues and challenges facing small companies becoming established in the food processing industry.

Marie completed her degree in food technology at what is now theUniversityofQld– the course was previously offered on the Gatton Campus of the University, with a strong focus on practical skills and knowledge, utilizing both dairy and general processing pilot plants.

Following graduation, Marie worked with Sunny Queen Eggs, and also with Inghams Enterprises, in product development and quality assurance (the eggs before the chicken!), before joining the then Qld Department of Primary Industries, working in product development and in food labelling/legislation.  Marie specialized in this latter field, gaining extensive experience in the interpretation of food labelling legislation.

Marie started working with FoodStream in 2009, providing services relating to labelling requirements under the Food Standards Code.  In this area, which is continuously changing as legislation is updated, Marie provides an experienced and informed appraisal service to help companies avoid the pitfalls!

Marie can be contacted directly at, or 0431 429 624

Link to FoodStream labelling services.


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