Training & Education

FoodStream works closely with experienced industry professionals to provide a variety of professional development short courses for the food industry.

A number of the following programs are organised through our business partner Food Industry Engineering (FiE).

See our Events page for planned courses.

Special short courses can  also be developed. Get in touch with us by filling out the form to the right,or call us for further information.

See below for the range of short courses offered.

Links To Short Course Details:

Retorting /Canning

  • Thermal Processing (Retort Supervisors) Course

Extrusion Technology

  • Food & Feed Extrusion Technology
  • Applied Food & Feed Extrusion (Thailand)
  • Extruder Die Design
  • Extruder Operator Training available to companies on-site

Food Water Activity and Drying Technology

Breakfast Cereals Technology

Pellet Milling Technology

Feed Manufacturing Technology. Combines information on pellet milling, basic extrusion, and other common feed milling operations.

Food Engineering – Principles & Practical Applications.

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