Country of Origin Labelling

Following an outbreak of Hepatitis A allegedly linked to imported frozen berries, the Commonwealth announced in mid-2015 that a new Country of Origin labelling scheme would be developed.

A scheme has been developed and which is hoped to be ready to implement by mid-2016. This is a complex issue and the interdepartmental team, led by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, have clearly given the matter considerable thought. The percentage of a product from outside Australia is proposed in a bar code on a label. County of origin of each component of a processed food is not proposed.

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Key points are;

  • The system will be implemented via Australian Consumer Law and so will require the agreement of all States.
  • The new proposal brings together the current system, that in the Food Standards Code, the system used by Customs and the Made in Australia logo.
  • Significant market research has been done.
  • A phase-in process is proposed.
  • The scheme will be reviewed after a transition period.
  • The aim is to harmonise with nutrition labelling and health star ratings.
  • A number of points remain to be resolved.

It was clear from a consultation meeting in Brisbane on 14 January that many companies had not understood the proposal and that issues affecting a range of companies had not been resolved.

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