Factory Expansion Requires Skyhooks!

Case Study – Factory Expansion Requires Skyhooks!

Steggall Nutrition required a factory layout that would consider all the complexities required for a state of the art blending and filling facility.  Steggall Nutrition’s General Manager, Jason Hancock said “We needed to have the factory expansion designed by someone with expertise in this field. We also wanted to be able to then take the final design to several fabricators for quotation. FoodStream has enabled us to achieve these objectives and we are very happy with the outcome.”

Utilising the latest 3D solid modelling software, Engineers from FoodStream were able to work with the staff of Steggall Nutrition to arrive at an optimal process flow using innovative concepts.  The new curved mono-rail crane, platform, stairs, handrails & vibratory hopper were suspended from “skyhooks” so there was minimal clutter added to the working area at ground level.

A collaborative approach to finding an innovative solution has resulted in an excellent solution that everybody was involved in. Jason said “the 3D model enabled everyone involved to visualise the proposed concepts so there were no surprises when the platform was installed.”

The innovative platform was designed so that the folded floor plate becomes the floor, kick rail, handrail mount, “skyhook” mount and structural member. The flat pattern was laser cut and folded before welded assembly and hot dip galvanising.

The Curved mono-rail crane enables a one tonne bulk bag of product to be lifted with an electric hoist before being pushed, past the existing bulk bag, to the hopper at the end of the new platform.

The “skyhook” system had additional support beams spanning between existing roof joists. Droppers penetrated the panel roof to pick-up the loads from below. The structural engineer that originally designed the building certified the additional loads going to the existing structure.

The factory layout enabled Steggall to obtain several quotations for the conveyors required to connect the equipment at ground level.

A new vibratory excited hopper was designed to be mounted on rubber isolators to minimise transmitted vibration and noise.

Steggall Nutrition is a privately owned food manufacturing company specialising in the development, dry blending and repacking of nutritional premixes for a wide range of food sectors including sports nutrition, weight loss and health and well being. As part of the successful relationship with FoodStream, Steggall Nutrition can now provide high speed sachet filling capabilities to the highest domestic and export quality standards.  For more information on the company see http://www.steggallnutrition.com/.




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