Feed Manufacturing Technology – Course Content

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Day 1

Overview of feed processing

Role of Ingredients in Feed Milling

  • Types of Ingredients
  • Binding Characteristics

Cooking and Preconditioning

  • The “Cooking” Process (Time, Temperature and Pressure)
  • Starch Gelatinization and Protein Denaturation
  • Alternative Preconditioning Equipment Designs

Batch Mixing and Size Reduction

  • Defining the Mixing Process
  • Particle Segregation
  • Grinding Equipment

Introduction to Pellet Milling Technology

  • History
  • Applications
  • General Background
  • Process Description
  • Mill Types

Extrusion Processing Technology

  • Extrusion vs pellet milling – applications
  • Extruder configurations
  • Screw and die characteristics, extruder operating curve

Die and Roller Design

  • Die geometry
  • Design Criteria
  • Impact of Wear

 Day 2

Product Quality

  • Quality Factors
  • Measurement of Quality
  • Hardness and PDI

Process Interactions

  • Defining the Process Parameters
  • STE and SME
  • Links to PDI

Drying Technology

  • Principles of drying
  • Factors in dryer performance

Pellet Cooling Technology

  • Factors Affecting Mill Capacity
  • Supplier Data
  • Predictive Model

Control of Salmonella

  • Facts about Salmonella
  • Role of Ingredients
  • Role of the Process

Technology Developments

  • Mill Performance Improvements
  • New Technology

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