FoodStream’s International Network Delivers

The key to FoodStream’s operations is not only its team of 14 experts across the food processing chain but also our wide range of international networks.

FoodStream can thus provide a service that spans continents.

Earlier in 2013, a Middle Eastern client contacted Gordon Young with concern about a product they had imported from the USA and had been repacked in Vietnam.  Some physical contamination was discovered in one pack.

Given the potential food safety implications, and the impact on the client’s business reputation, it was important to resolve the situation promptly.

Gordon has a range of contacts in Thailand from FoodStream’s active training programs delivered there.  These contacts put him in touch with Dr Jereer Abu-Ali, the Director at Naresuan University ASEAN-American Industrial Food Consulting Center (AAIF).  Dr Abu-Ali has wide experience in the food industry in the USA.  He is backed by an impressive team.  See

Progress in resolving this issue was rapid;

  • Contact was made with the Middle Eastern client over a weekend and a contract prepared, negotiated and agreed by the following Tuesday.
  • A team from Naresuan University was in Vietnam investigating the repacking operation in Vietnam by the Thursday/Friday.
  • A draft report was available by the Sunday.
  • The USA facility was then visited and audited.
  • A final report was prepared two weeks later, with the probable contamination source identified in the USA.
  • The Naresuan team made significant observations re inadequate standards in both Vietnam and the USA, identified the probably source of the contamination and provided recommendations to prevent future contamination issues.

The Middle Eastern client was very satisfied with the promptness and quality of the response, allowing them to improvements put in place to protect their reputation as well as customer satisfaction and safety.

Food Stream, with Dr Abu-Ali and other members of the FoodStream international network, are available to assist companies along the food chain, in almost any country, with a range of issues, from food safety to product development and manufacturing technologies.  This assistance can be short term and urgent, as outlined above, or on a longer term, less urgent, more complex project.

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